Traditional Grooming Service in a Modern Manner Empowers .

Unique Spa Menu Created for Men

EXCLUSIVE HAIRCUT                                  $25                         Anti -AGING LIP TREATMENT              $10
ELITE BEARD TRIM                                  $15up                  BACK SHAVE                                                         $25
BEARD COLOR                                        $15up                 CHEST SHAVE                                                      $25
UNUSUAL BUZZ CUT                                $20                         ARM SHAVE                                                      $25
POPULAR HEAD SHAVE                         $25                         THIRD CLASS HOT SHAVE                         $35
WAX ( Ear, Nose,Eyeb)                            $25                        SECOND CLASS HOT SHAVE                   $55     
SCALP TREATMENT                                   $10                        FIRST CLASS  HOT SHAVE                         $75up     
MODERN HAIR COLOR                             $35up                SUPERIOR FACIALS              $100 to $150
ANTI-AGING HAND TREATMENT     $15Up                  SHARP SHOULDER MASSAGE          $15up

           It's the Bright one. It's the right one Premium Hot Shaves

                                 HOT SHAVES
ICE SCULPT                Helps with Rosacea, Redness and inflamed skin conditions
SCULPT  LIFT             Treat the muscles of the face and neck  (Sagging).
CHOCOLATE              Fight fine lines and Wrinkles, growth new skin cells.
FRENCH WINE          Clear the complexion and brightning the skin.
24 K GOLD                 Firm ,, revitalize , nourish the skin.
DIAMOND                 Intense hydration . Impurites are eliminated and pores.
CAVIAR                      Vitamins A,D,B1,B2,B6 .  
ANTI- ALLERGY       Remove unwated dead cells and debris .
MARINE COLLAGEN   Increase elasticity of the skin ,stimulate blood circulation.
MINT                        Purify clogged pores, cool sensation.
CBD                           Fine lines, Age spots, Discolations, Large pores, Blemishes.
ORGANIC ALGAE SEED Ideal for sentive, Remove unwated dead cells.
HOT STONE HOT SHAVE  Energy lift facial. Melting away tension.

                                     ELITE BEARD TRIM

24 K  Gold
Treat your skin with our 24 K gold luxury shaving cream. Gold reserve delivers Anti-Aging
benefits to help you look better . Does not clog pores and prevent irritation.
Aloe Vera 
Contains PRO-VITAMIN B5 that provides hydrating agents to prevent discomfort irritation as the blade thrust skin.
Shea Suga
This voluptuous whipping micropolisher brings radiance back- reducing redness and discoloration.You'll be WOW by the supple, replenished feel of your face.
Super hydrator , Cooling soother, Just cant mariachi.
CBD can help with wrinkles by being and antioxidant. 
Soothes / Refreshes/ Heals



Vitamin E , C , combating against aging, fine lines and wrinkles.
Contains 2 hormones : Auxin and Gibberellins. These provide wound healing and Antiflammatory properties that reduce skin inflammation.
Is crucial to supple skin. The wrinkle - preventing that occurs in our bodies keeps skin plump and youthful. Puffiness reduction sagging in the face and skin.
Nourishes, rejunvenates, and stimulates skin cellular activity for healthy radiant complexion.
It goes to work as a real antioxidant and anti free- radical agent to slow down the natural ageing process and prevent moisture loss.
That fights free radicals , stimulates collagen and elastin prodution. Firm and even skin tones. Regenerates new skin cells. Improve skin elasticity.
Mainly detoxes skin particles. Tighter and firmer skin all over including underlying tissue.
Diminished wrinkles, puffiness and tighter skin on face and neck.
Brighter skin with a more even tone. Good for Acne amd inflammation problems.
HOT STONE FACIAL Experience the ultimate in peace and relaxation
​while melting away the tension and fatigue by transforming our core facial into extraordinary.

L - ASCOBIC 20  is a powerful form of vitamin C with a micro- delivery system that most effectively absorbed & metabolized by your skin. It hunts for and destroys free radicals that cause the visible signs aging. All skin Types.
It restores melanin and eliminates dullness and inflammation while giving the skin luster and radiance.
Which is rich in minerals, Vitamin A,D and B complex. Caviar has been considered a great source of nutrients, a skin miracle . All Skin Types.
​Refines skin’s quality by strengthening the epidermis and preventing the loss of elasticity.
Anti - Aging from Swiss Apple  
Repair and Revitalize, Sun Aging. Reduce fine lineswith swiss apple steam cell.
Hyaluronic Concentrate 
“fountain of youth”, Hyaluronic Acid absorbs and retains water within the skin in order to prevent the effects of aging.